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Exposing injustice, exploring alternative lifestyles and championing unheard voices, my long features peer into the cracks of society and prod around a bit to see what emerges.

China is going green, but dirty trade is moving elsewhere

China's export economy is getting greener, but a new phase of globalisation means other developing nations are burning more fossil fuels

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GDPR is coming… and it’s not all bad

GDPR is coming, and it’s scary. it’s not a new superbug or a weapon of mass destruction. It’s merely the EU’s new set of regulations on data privacy – the General Data Protection Regulation. But you might think it was one of those things by the way some businesses are reacting.

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Fancy backpacking round the world for a year? How about with a toddler? These families did…

Ever feel like work is getting on top of you or that you hardly have time to spend with your kids, let alone yourself? Ever feel like you won the dream – two cars, a mortgage and a flatscreen TV – but the dream hasn’t quite turned out how you expected? Ever wondered what you could do about it?

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Fancy something different for the weekend? How about scaling a disused power station? The modern phenomenon of urbex

In Edmonton, Canada, the rain is falling heavily outside. In a storm drain under the city one man sees the water levels rise alarmingly. He approaches a large pipe where the water is gushing into his tunnel. As he gets closer, instead of stepping onto solid concrete as he expected, he drops into a 12-foot-deep pit filled with pounding water.

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The dirty tricks companies are using to undermine workers' rights and underpay staff

With the number of people on zero-hours contracts this year reaching a record high, and nearly half of all jobs created since the financial crisis classified as self-employed – many of them low paid or part time – it’s no surprise that permanent contracts are viewed increasingly like gold dust.

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Steiner schools are not all they promise to be. Just scratch below the surface and you can find some very disturbing stuff...

With its beautiful grounds and emphasis on creativity and imagination, the new school seemed perfect for Lottie Antwi’s daughter. Eleven-year-old Sarah had a talent for performing arts, one of the reasons the Steiner school in Hertfordshire with its huge theatre looked so appealing.

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What is life like on the most overcrowded island on Earth - the size of a football pitch with a population of up to 1,200? This is Santa Cuz del Islote

If asked to think of one of the most overcrowded places in the world you might come up with a city such as Hong Kong, Delhi or Mumbai, perhaps somewhere in the middle of Tokyo, or a cramped favela in Rio perhaps…

You probably wouldn’t think of a Caribbean island

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New Forest ponies might look cute but they could be destroying one of our most important national parks

The New Forest national park is being destroyed by overgrazing by its ponies, driven in part by taxpayer subsidies, according to Chris Packham.

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Restaurant review - The excellent Wild Garlic restaurant in Gloucestershire

Evolve or die. It’s the law of the jungle and, in today’s financial climate, one that increasingly applies to restaurants. And nowhere is it better exemplified than Gloucestershire’s Wild Garlic.

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How porn addiction is affecting an increasing number of people in alarming ways and the growing online community turning away from it

“Volakov”, as he’s known on the forum – and he doesn’t want any other clues given out –  is an 18-year-old with a problem. He can’t get an erection with the girlfriend he loves.

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The RNLI is a highly respected institution but did you know there are hundreds of independent life boats doing exactly the same job… and without a great deal of support from the RNLI…?

t’s a sunny day on the Isle of Wight. Mark Birch is building an extension for a local shop when his pager goes off. He scans the device briefly then turns and starts running. His colleagues are not surprised. They’re used to it.

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How Mongolian shamanism has surprising links with modern business

Inside the yurt the shaman begins to beat her drum. Soon she is dancing unsteadily to the rapid beat, her brightly-coloured costume of feathers, beads and trinkets rustling around her body, her face shielded by a black tasselled mask.

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